One Direction Concert Memoir

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One Direction Concert Memoir I was in Detroit. It was time. After nearly a year of waiting for this concert I was finally going to see a band that I have loved for a long time perform live. We were standing in the lines of gate B, Karlie and I. One Direction were really in that building, they were in there getting ready to perform for a sold out show at Ford Field, they were going to be right there for all of us to see, it was crazy to know that me and more than 50,000 others would hear them sing live that night. It didn’t take long at all to get in. We did have some trouble trying to find our seats but when we did he view was just perfect. I was so happy that our seats were so good at the sold out or nearly sold out show. Waiting was crazy, I kind of did want it to go by slowly though because it was fun talking with and meeting some people, and of course screaming along to songs playing over the speakers from a bunch of other artists I loved with thousands of others who also loved One Direction and all these other songs. Even before the concert started the time there was incredible.…show more content…
Then the room got dark and it was

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