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How often do people find a job that they love that comes with a big paycheck? Loving a job is nice, but can it support a lifestyle? Yeah Steve Jobs was successful and loved his job, but he most definitely got lucky with that. Most jobs that people love either don’t have any open positions or they don’t pay enough to be able to support a lifestyle. If the job cannot support a lifestyle, is it worth having? These are all very important questions to ask when looking into a college major or career. No matter the job, people will grow and learn to love it. There are many articles in the world that discuss and compare do what you love and don’t do what you love. One article is called “Do What You Love? #@&** That!”, by Jeff Haden. Haden discusses his views on why people should not do…show more content…
He makes many points that hobbies are not jobs. People love hobbies and passions, and that is okay, but love them in free time. He makes another point about how satisfaction creates motivation to love the job and learn more skills to become better and more successful at the job. The overall theme of this article is to pick a job that is interesting but also financially stable. Another article by Carl McCoy, called “Dear Grads: Don’t Do What You Love”, discusses why people should pick jobs with deeper meanings than just a way to get money. McCoy makes a big point about how people love more than one thing so picking a job they love is quite difficult because they could be happy in many different places. The overall meaning of this article is to pick a job that has a deeper meaning, that allows you to help and make a difference in other people’s lives. A third article called “Job Satisfaction vs. a Big Paycheck”, by Phyllis Korkki, compares the satisfaction people

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