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Winter storms bring about a number of hazardous conditions that can pose a risk to the safety and well-being of you and your family. The best way to stay safe during a winter storm is to stay indoors. Staying indoors as much as possible will allow you and your family to weather the worst of winter storms. When you are inside, it is important to remember that, although your home is the safest place to be during a winter storm, you may still be at risk from some indoor hazards. One major indoor hazard comes from heating your home. Improper use of your fireplace, space heater, or alternative heating device can pose a major risk to your safety. Not only are indoor heating devices a fire hazard, but they can also generate deadly carbon monoxide gas. If not properly ventilated, your home can fill with the toxic fumes generated by some heating devices and pose a serious health risk to whoever is in your household. Annually, an average of 430 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning with a considerable portion of these fatalities occurring in the winter months. This is most likely due to the improper use of gas-furnaces, propane heaters, and other alternative heating devices. Due to the safety concerns…show more content…
One such precaution is to dress warmly, preferably in loose-fitting layers, and stay dry. Staying dry includes avoiding strenuous activity that induces sweating. Perspiration can dramatically increase heat loss and resultantly increase your risk of developing a cold-related illness. Cold weather also puts excess strain on the heart. As a result, individuals suffering from cardiovascular conditions should work slowly or avoid working outdoors altogether during extremely cold periods. In addition to dressing warmly and avoiding strenuous activity, individuals should also refrain from driving during extreme winter weather conditions unless it is absolutely

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