My Mistresses Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun Rhyme Scheme

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1. What is the title? The title of the poem is “My mistresses eyes are nothing like the sun,” by William Shakespeare. 2. What is the basic situation? Is there a narrative or story? Write a paragraph in which you briefly summarize the poem. The poem portrays a meaningful message which seeks to prove that a woman shouldn’t be compared to exaggerated beauty in order to be loved. The speaker uses different descriptors to explain his objective that it would be more of an insult to describe a women’s physical beauty with unrealistic terms. 3. What kind of poem is it? An open form? Fixed form? If fixed form-what kind? Speculate on the poet’s choice of form. Sonnet 130 is a fixed form poem that’s 14 lines long and has a specific rhyme scheme. The speaker focuses to enhance the description of his mistress in ways which sets it…show more content…
Does the poem have a rhyme scheme? If so, what is it? Why is rhyme important? If there is not a rhyme scheme, speculate on why the poet may have chosen to NOT use rhyme? Yes, the rhyme scheme in the poem is ABABCDCDEFEFGG. The poem has a consistent rhyme scheme then ends in two rhyming couplet lines. The rhyme scheme is important because it helps the reader the structure of the poem and show where the theme and tone shifts. The last two lines ending in GG shows w 22. What other sound devices (alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia) have been included by the poet? Give examples of each. How does this relate to the way a poem sounds? 23. Explain the significance of the poem’s title. The poem’s title is significant to the message the speaker is trying to convey to the reader because it introduces a different 24. Who is the author? Is this important to this poem? The author of Sonnet 130 is William Shakespeare. It is important to the poem because it demonstrates his writing style and the way people spoke during that time period. 25. Is there any part of the poem that is of particular interest to you? Does it evoke or provoke anything in

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