Do Ethics Pay Essay

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Henry Ford once said “ A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” It makes one question does doing what is deemed as right pay? Or does being ethical have its own reward? Should ethics and business together even be a concept? Since acting ethically is a moral duty, doing whats right in order to get some kind of benefit would take away from the the merit of ethics. Does ethics simply get in the way of business? Or can they coexist? Some argue that following ethics doesn't pay. And some say it doesn't have to pay. And others argue that ethics and business together pays more than just business and that it definitely pays more than unethical business. As someone who is considering going into the field of business I believe it…show more content…
If companies follow ethics the consumer will trust the company. If they haven't been cheated before when buying a companies products than they are more likely to buy it gain. It therefore builds trust between the producer and the consumer. Proving that ethics does pay. Piane in Does Ethics Pay also sates how “ companies held in high repute may also enjoy free marketing and publicity advantages- as recipients of award, subject of public commentary and topics of academic study” (Does Ethics Pay). This shows how if you are honest you get more publicity than if you lie. Proving once again that ethics does pay. Some may argue that there are companies that get away with lying and deceiving the consumer. But in truth the consumer will find out. If a company advertises about a product and when the consumer buys it and it doesn't work as it was stated than the consumer will not only buy it again and tell others to not buy the prodect. Not only that but with the advancement in technology the masses eventually find out if a cooperation is deceiving consumers. Showing that companies can loose the trust of the consumer if they are unethical. So in the long run following ethics pays off. Just because we live in a capitalist society where there is a lot of competition between companies it doesn't mean we have give up our morals. There are many companies that follow the right morals and are still doing good economically. If those companies can be successful and keep there morals intact than so should all the
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