Ethical Ethics Of Starbucks

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To inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time. The mission statement of the biggest coffee company in the world. Priding themselves on their service and continued success which they say is not only created by their finest coffee in the world, but their highest integrity, legendary customer service and the passion of their partners, which is published in their Standards of Business Conduct. An issue with stating their highest integrity is the ability to measure this against other organisations and businesses. When the definition of Integrity is how moral and honest someone can be, this can be hugely problematic as a business may not be able to please all of their stakeholders. In addition to their…show more content…
By paying higher leases, they in the end will make more profits from another busy store, they also will be attracting customers from other coffee chains by handing out their samples and they will also gain the majority of customers when they have clauses in contracts outlining the refusal for other chains to operate in the same complexes, these however unethical under other ethical theories are perfectly acceptable under individualism as these actions will lead to them gain higher profits, ultimately increasing shareholder…show more content…
They could also look at the saturation of the local market, if there is currently 3 coffee shops within a short distance then it may not seem appropriate to place a Starbucks there. However if a Starbucks would still be appreciated within the area they should act ethically and fairly when operating. This may include not poaching other customers from smaller coffee shops such as handing out free samples outside competitors, and working in connection with the smaller stores to ensure that they really do care about the local community and do not want to see any smaller businesses be run out of the town. As competition is clearly healthy, however Starbucks do not want to be seem to be competing too much where it may cause

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