Growing Up With A Horse Research Paper

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Everyone has an attachment, something that makes life feel incomplete without it. Be it a talent, interest, or something else, they cannot imagine living without it. I have been raised with the knowledge that in order to achieve success in life, someone should have a goal. My goal in life ties directly into my talent. Growing up with a horse forces people to grow up quickly and to learn fast. Horses do not care about the age of someone trying to ride them; they still have the potential to both hurt and care for their own caretakers. An old horse was being washed one day in the cool autumn day when, even though he was experienced in just about everything he did, he still got scared, potentially hurting himself and myself. Luckily, neither…show more content…
While my family is financially stable (something I am very grateful for), we have had times where we did not know how we would be able to pay the horse’s bills. This has taught me how to save money for a “rainy day.” I feel that this concept will prove great for me as I make the transition from a dependent to an independent adult. Having a horse has also showed me that unfortunately people are self-interested and prefer to help themselves before others. This applies to everyone, not just cowboys and cowgirls, but it was definitely an eye-opener to be pushed around and forgotten for more money. While this is more of an “exception, not a rule,” there are people in the world that will trample over anyone to get what they want. It helps to be able to judge character some before becoming acquainted with them to a higher…show more content…
I have been in the horse world for the last decade. I took my first lesson when I was seven sometime in October. No matter the weather, if I could go to the barn, I would go to the barn. There is not much in my life that I have been willing to get up at 4:30 a.m. for, let alone drive for an hour or more to get judged on one person’s opinion, but that is what I like to do with all of my time. While I at least believe I find a healthy balance between my horse, work, and school, there is always something western related on my mind. It could be as simple as just thinking of my current horse, Harvey, or working out ways to improve him and myself. We are a team. He obviously cannot talk for himself so I have to interpret what he thinks and needs. This is hard work sometimes and just goes further in showing my dedication to the sport. I believe this dedication transfers to the rest of my life and will continue to help me find my passions and future

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