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Nomads are large groups of people who have no permanent settlement in one location, so in other words: travelers. The most popular of these peoples are pretty much accepted to be the Mongols. The Mongols were revered for their political governance but most of all: their military expertise. This exact same military knowledge would lead to them toppling the Song dynasty in 1279 CE, and forming the Yuan dynasty to take over. Under the rule of the Mongol’s Yuan dynasty, China experienced changes in both trading and governmental organization, while keeping traditional religion and Chinese culture in place. In the early 13th century, the Mongols established the Pax Mongolia. Essentially, this establishment made trade routes that connected China with Europe (such as the silk roads), safer and more accessible for merchants. This ambitious feat was accomplished on account of them tightening security along the routes and eliminating tariffs, taxes imposed on imported goods and services. With the Silk Roads being more welcoming to merchants, it…show more content…
To begin with, they did away with its main process of distributing jobs to citizens, the civil servant exam, and moved away from the Chinese’s Government focus on Confucian ideals as they saw no need for it. Subsequently, the Mongols denied any native Chinese citizen a spot in their strong central government on account of the notion that the natives would be more likely to distribute special privileges to certain citizens and all in all not govern fairly. Instead, they only allowed foreign peoples to fill these roles. Fixed and regular taxes were also implemented by the Yuan dynasty, as well as separate laws for Chinese citizens that stood apart from those of the Mongols. Paper money would also be added to the Mongols’ accomplishments, as they switched from traditional copper and iron coins, whose raw materials could be used for other

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