Divergent Decisions

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In the film Divergent directed by Neil Burger, Tris Prior, the protagonist of the film is makes several important decisions that affect her and the events surrounding her throughout the film. Burger uses a range of film techniques such as foreshadowing, camera angle, lighting and dialogue to show these choices and their affects. The most important decision that Tris makes in the film is to choose which faction she will join at the ‘Choosing Ceremony’. Her decision is foreshadowed at the start of the film when Tris talks about Dauntless ‘I always thought they were amazing. Brave, fearless and free.’ and also when she is shown as a child running along with a group of Dauntless as if she was one of them. The audience is also shown the importance of this choice when Tris takes the aptitude test which is meant to determine which faction she is best suited to. Her results are inconclusive which upsets Tris because she realized that she has to make decision herself and not rely on others. ‘Tris: What am I supposed to do at the choosing ceremony?...This was supposed to tell me what faction to choose. The test, we’re supposed to trust the test Tori: The test didn’t work on you. You’re going to have to trust yourself.’ This is the first…show more content…
Burger uses a high angle shot to show that Tris is vulnerable (at this time she is going to be Factionless because she is not passing the Dauntless initiation) however because of her choice to climb higher, she is responsible for finding the other teams flag and then coming up with an idea to capture it. The climb up the ferris-wheel symbolizes Tris’s climb up the leaderboard of the initiates. It is from this point on that other Dauntless begin to take her seriously. This has both positive and negative effects on her. She is accepted by some and is invited to zipline back to Dauntless HQ, but others like Al become jealous of her and try to kill
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