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Paradigms are part of the way in which every individual thinks, behaves and expresses emotion. The way in which people think determines what a person notices as well what intrigues them and therefor catches their attention. Paradigms form the way in which one interprets things and therefor also contributes to the way in which one reacts while in different scenarios or environments. Ones feelings are also directed by paradigms and therefor influence one’s decisions in different situations due to ones emotions at than specific point in time. Different people respond to different situations or environments due to having different paradigms which allow people to respond in a way which they think is best at that point in time. Humans are intellectual…show more content…
The internal locus of control allows us to make decisions which in turn show a part if not all of who we are as individuals. The internal locus of control pretty much allows us to be who we want to be through the decisions we make in life however if no decisions are made, the external locus of control will take over. An internal locus of control allows us to be who we are as well as whom we wish to be in the future however if our internal locus of control is not strong then you will be controlled by others who will try to make you what they want you to…show more content…
This makes it much easier for us to cope with everyday challenges by applying the fixed thinking patterns that are programmed into our subconscious minds without having to do much thinking about what is happening around us. There are two types of paradigms namely: personal and collective. Personal paradigms are that which relate more to the individual e.g. being afraid of spiders. While collective paradigms include social paradigms in the lines of values, race, gender

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