Should I Asked For Money From A Stranger Essay

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Reflection Paper 1 “Should I Asked for Money from a Stranger” I was in the bus stop to get home and I do not have any money for bus fare at the time. Even is not a big money and I am only ask for 30 Peso for bus fare. But still, I feel uncomfort and embarassed considering I am a foreigner who can not speak native language moreover is about the money. And I would not do such a thing if only I have alternatives to choose. I approach someone, tell him that I was forgot to bring my wallet and asked him politely if he could help me to lend his money for bus fare and I would pay it later. He looked at me for awhile and ask, “How much money do you need?” I said the bus fare is 29 Peso. He just give me 30 Peso and refused me to pay it later. Based on my experience there are a few question. Should I ask for money from a stranger? Is it ethical to do such a thing? What perception…show more content…
Singer (1967), “The golden rule has been widely accepted, in word if not in deed by vast numbers of greatly differing peoples, it is a basic device of moral education, and it can be found at the core of innumerable moral, religious, and social code. The nearly universal acceptance of the golden rule and its promulgation by persons of considerable intelligence, though otherwise of divergent outlooks, would seem to provide some evidence for the claim that it is a fundamental ethical truth”. “The Golden Rule” is applied in this situation to ask the question “Would he like to give me some money for bus fare?” If I were him and had the same situation like he did, as long as I have extra money, I would give him some money also. 5. Respect to

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