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Watching the film District 9 directed by Neill Blomkamp was an opportunity to see an interaction unfold between modern society and a group in need of help, which in this case was a non-threatening alien species. I think that one theme that is important to look at is profit and how it affects those who are under its influence. In the film we see Victor the MNU ground control leader, hand out eviction notices to all the aliens living in District 9 as they were going to be relocated. I think Victor seemed a bit too “happy” to be doing such a task, as it sometimes became apparent that Victor had conflicting feelings whenever an MNU officer pointed a gun or shot at an alien. From the beginning Victor seemed to be an individual of moral values,…show more content…
I think that he was one of the most levelheaded characters of the film, and perhaps that is where the irony lies. I think showing him in jail in the beginning of the film and at the end but showing what he was involved with in the other parts of the film provided District 9 with an avenue in which to view those who are present during colonization/ prejudice event that do not necessary have a negative impact on it but are still around it. Victor’s assistant was being given a tour around District 9 and while on the tour Victor seemed to have a disrespectful attitude of sorts towards that of which belonged to the aliens while his assistant was just as interested in District 9 however more concerned with himself as someone who was vulnerable and not from there. I think that him ending up in jail showed just how strong the forces of humans trying to profit from a struggling alien population were at play. As someone who was not doing anything right or wrong rather more concerned with himself and his job as an assistant he ended up in jail. All in all I enjoyed watching District 9 although my view on the film from the first time I watched the movie and now has changed. This time viewing District 9 I was more in tune with the relationship between the humans and aliens and the force of tension between the two from the beginning had an
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