Comparing Film District 9 And James Cameron's Avatar

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Neil Blomkamp’s “District 9” and James Cameron’s “Avatar” are modern science fiction films that are both considered to be evolved with regards to what one expects from this genre. This is particularly evident with regards to the themes of “Development in Technology” and “Xenophobia” A prominent theme in both films is the idea of technology and the advancement thereof. “District 9” makes use of more notable “science fiction” techniques with regards to extravagant weaponry and their “indigenous” technology. If one considers the second scene of the film, a huge metallic space ship is hovering over Johannesburg (shot at a low angle to emphasise the dominance the ship has over the human race) an object commonly found in science fiction films. Furthermore…show more content…
When one first sees the space ships they are shot at a low angle, similarly to District 9. These space ships are also huge and metallic and have bright blue lights shining around them. However in “Avatar”, the technology of the “Na’Vi” is somewhat primitive with a tribal element to it- a juxtaposition to what is expected from this genre. The first moment where the native technology is introduced is when Jake Sully lands on Pandora- a couple of small arrows are stuck in a large wheel of one of the human trucks. This scene is shot at an eye level to show how miniscule the impact was on the humans. Another common theme in both films is Xenophobia- the fear of the other- as in both films there is a clear distinction between the humans and the aliens. “Avatar”, in this instance, takes a more common stance. The general perception of the “Na’Vi” is that they are dangerous and lethal- linking up to the idea of the “fear of the unknown”. In the scene where Colonel Miles addresses the new recruits about the dangers, he states “it is my job to keep you alive. I will not succeed. Not with all of you...” he is shot at a low angle to emphasise the legitimacy of his warnings. Furthermore, the scene is filmed in desaturated colour to create a dreary environment. This is done in order to convey the type of emotions felt and perceptions held of the humans at the base camp- they are

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