District 9 And Metamorphosis Comparison Essay

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Vasilis Panagakos English 102 “The Metamorphosis” is a story about a man who wakes up transformed into a giant insect and the effects his transformation has on his daily life. “District 9” is about a man that is rejected from human society and is hunted by various groups due to his alien properties. Although these two stories reflect different places and time periods and seem like different stories, they actually are very similar to each other. The characters from “The Metamorphosis” and “District 9” can be seen as very different characters. The main and secondary characters from “The Metamorphosis” all give up. After understanding that he is a grotesque insect, Gregor does nothing about his situation. He does not ponder why he turned into an insect, nor does he try to do anything about it. He realizes what he is and just gives up. He gives up on himself and his family. As a roach, Gregor can do nothing but live to die. Without him his family has no source of income. Upon…show more content…
In both “The Metamorphosis” and “District 9” that is not the case. In both works of literature, the main characters' families abandon the main characters. In “The Metamorphosis”, once Gregor's family finds out that he is transformed into a bug and has no knowledgeable way of changing back to a human, they begin to stop caring about him. He no longer has any value towards the family. He is unable to work, nor communicate, makes messes, and soon becomes non existent to the family. In “District 9”, upon Wikus' transformation, he is in desperate need of help. Wikus' father in law not only hates him but is also hunting him down for experimental purposes. When Wikus needs support from his family, there is no one. At the end of the movie when Wikus' parents are being interviewed they claim that Wikus “wasn't very smart”. This shows what little support his parents had for

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