A Song In The Front Yard Poem Analysis

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The way a person leads their life can become too mundane for them at some point. These are the moments that call for a change. The person can gain an attraction for a different way of life. A wilder lifestyle. The poems show a girl who is quite taken with the wild side that she cannot yet experience and another person who is already a part of that lifestyle. In these poems, Gwendolyn Brooks portrays an evident fascination for the wild life. In A Song in the Front Yard, Gwendolyn Brooks uses metaphors to show an appreciation for the wild side. The narrator lives a calm life. One where she has to obey certain rules. However, it is clear that she yearns for a life with more excitement. “I’ve stayed in the front yard all my life. I want to peek at the back. Where it’s rough and untended and hungry weed grows. A girl gets sick of a rose.” (Brooks, 1951/2007, p. 771) The first line uses the front yard as a metaphor that indicates the quiet lifestyle she currently leads. The second part refers to how she is looking for a change specifically in the backyard that is hinted at being the wild life. The third line describes the…show more content…
However, this time she reveals a certain dark side to this type of life. This poem shows the pool players to be fully immersed in this wild lifestyle and describes the dangerous activities they participate in. The first stanza discloses the reason for their obsession with this lifestyle. “We real cool. We left school.” (Brooks, 1951/2007, p. 1079) The action verbs in these lines can lead to the idea that the players believe themselves to be cool because of their decision to leave school. They have no proper education. The pool players go against a typical cultural practice that can only ruin their future. With no school in the picture, their focus turns to carrying out the more risky activities that are present in this

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