District 9 Film Techniques

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‘District 9’ can be seen as more evolved than ‘Avatar’ to a great extent due to the realism created through the setting and film techniques used which helps the viewers perception of the alien and ability to relate to them. Our ability to relate and understand the aliens,therefore, plays a huge role in creating the predominant theme in the film which is the dichotomy between ‘alienation’ and empathy. In the first scene that we are introduced to the aliens in the film ‘District 9’, the film style used was live news and the aliens were shown in the slums. They were shown as barbaric and disgust is automatically created in the viewer as the aliens are not aesthetically pleasing. Majority of the film is filmed in the slums which helps create an extremely gloomy atmosphere.…show more content…
The film is narrated in documentary style and interspersing interview snippets between live action scenes. Diegetic sound is used in scenes such as the opening scene when Wikus Van Der Merwe is struggling to put his microphone on. This contributes to the realism of the film but the fact that we are dealing with aliens reminds the viewer that this is a fictional film, which is extremely progressive compared to ‘Avatar’ which uses special effects such as computer generated imagery which makes the film extremely fantasy-like and completely unrealistic and non-relateable. Medium close-up shots are used in ‘District 9’ to show the characters speaking directly towards the camera which emphasizes the idea that the film is being shot in a documentary style. Majority of the camera angles used are eve level angles as this makes the viewer feels equal to the

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