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Task A: Character Profiles Wikus Van Der Merwe Jake Sully Background  Lead Protagonist  Wikus is appointed to lead the alien relocation by his father-in-law Piet  Lives a very simple and conservative life with his wife Tania  Has a typically Afrikaans family  South African  Lead Protagonist  He is a paralyzed Marine veteran  He replaces his twin brother Tom in the Avatar program in Pandora  American Biographical description Wikus Van Der Merwe is an Afrikaans south African man who works in the lower sections of MNU. His father-in-law Piet gave him a promotion to lead the relocation of the alines/prawns. On his first day of work Wikus comes across a vile, (in Christopher Johnsons friends lab in his shack) which contains a black…show more content…
On his excape he takes refuge in District 9 and begins to work with Christopher Johnson. Wikus helps Christopher Johnson and his son return to their planet, and the final ending of Wikus is unknown, however we suspect that he has turned into a prawn and lives with the rest of the aliens. Jake Sully is a paralyzed marine veteran, who after his brother dies goes to assist in the Avatar project in Pandora. He is told to get to know, and work with the Na’vi in order to gain their trust so that the people can get the unobtanium – a valuable mineral which is blocked by Hometree. After spending time with the Na’vi Jake leaves the human and starts becoming one of…show more content…
In his first interview he is very typically in Afrikaans attire and is constantly fidgeting, showing that he isn’t very confident. Once he is promoted he exposes his need to abide to the law (ammunition quota), almost becoming the ‘big-boy in charge’. In attempting to get the aliens to sign a form that they agree to their removal, he is very polite to the aliens, however in a way that makes him seem very boy-ish. After the black liquid has been splurted all over him, and he started transforming into an alien, his boy like charm disappears and a much more serious man appears, becoming more humane and understanding of the aliens. Though out the film Wikus remains a caring man and his love for Tania never fades. The viewers are introduced to Jake Sully in a space station, and automatically by seeing his number one hair cut and khaki clothing we are made aware that he has something to do with the army. Jake is a very unlikely person to be the protagonist purely because he is disabled, however the attitude he had shows that he is a complete marine. The first time he is entered into his avatar he doesn’t follow the rules, damaging machinery in his way. He is distracted by the feeling he has in his legs and gets very excited that he will have an ability to walk again, this exposes the fact that being paralyzed has effected Jake a lot, however it also shows that he isn’t the most responsible

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