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Between the films, Avatar directed by James Cameron and District 9 directed by Neill Blomkamp, it is apparent that District 9 is more evolved in the themes of science fiction. Through exploring the themes of Dystopia, historical societal issues and realism and space within Avatar, District 9 and Starship Troopers, the simplicity and realism contained with District 9 allows it to be an evolved example of the science fiction film. Dystopia is a prevalent theme in both District 9 and Avatar and becomes an important theme to analyse in order to decide which of the two films is more evolved. Avatar makes continued use of the utopia that is Pandora represented with high-key lighting and saturated colour; with this opposite in comparison to the dystopia…show more content…
The polar opposite dwelling setting in Avatar enhance the xenophobia and separation of aliens and humans. The difference in the uses of transport complement the theme of xenophobia – with the Na’vi using beautiful wildlife represented with saturated colours like that of the forest; and the humans using desaturated aircraft vehicles in grey colours – amplifying the great differences between the humans and the Na’vi and the humans’ savagery. Despite the aliens being the ‘good guys’, Avatar’s xenophobia theme is fairly similar to that of a typical science fiction film. In Starship Troopers, the aliens and humans live completely separately and the theme of segregation is enhanced through the use of media and indoctrination in the film. The theme of citizenship is also explored in Starship Troopers where the battle against the ‘Bugs’ grants you citizenship and acceptance into the society. This is similar to Jake Sully having to earn his right to be part of the People in Avatar. This is contrary to District 9 where, although segregated, the aliens and humans live within close proximity of each other and Black gang members living amidst the aliens in the township. The theme of xenophobia in the film stems from the ordeal during Apartheid which is an unusual element introduced into science fiction. The film suggests that there was once a unity between aliens and humans as a glimpse of a unity statue is witnessed. The statue shows and alien and human joined by hands in natural lighting; however the statue is placed to the side of the frame, indexical of the attempted relationship being cast aside by the humans. The statue also appears to be rotting and dilapidated which is symbolic of said relationship. The element of xenophobia complements the realism of District 9 through the use of Apartheid

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