Irony And Satire In The Film 'The So'

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Does the film C.S.A. within its irony, parody, and satire have a therapeutic stance towards our culture in the real world, the one in which the Union wins the war? One cannot begin to adequately gauge the impact of the American Civil War on our cultural consciousness. Just taking into account the number of people who enact the war every year goes to show how deeply engraved the war is in our hearts and minds, and how it is a vital source of identity for many Americans. The manifestations of this impact can be seen in the hobbies, books and clubs that abound in our society. Everything about the war went on to shape our nation’s psyche, culture, mannerisms and society for generations to come. But what if the war hadn’t turned out the way it did. What if instead of the Union,…show more content…
The film gives a sardonic view of American culture and history. I would have to agree with the statement that it employs a therapeutic stance for our culture, be it purposefully or not. It highlights the things we take for granted in our everyday lives, and how important the American Civil War was for our nation. It incites a deeper understanding of American values and culture. The film also depicts the expulsion of jews and non-christian religions from the country. It is a grim idea, painting a picture of America not too unlike Hitler’s Germany. All of these ideas and realities depicted in the mockumentary that is The Confederate States of America serve the purpose of making the viewer realize how drastically different the country could’ve been and how every positive aspect of their culture should be treated with pride and respect. To this end, the film succeeds in waking the viewer from their ignorance and making him take note of his surroundings, and take pride in his

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