Police Pursuits

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One of the most difficult parts of law enforcement is motor vehicle pursuit. While many criminals exist in this world, criminals have always tried to escape their punishment for breaking the law. The invention of motor vehicles has given them another way to attempt their grasp of escape from law enforcement. Along with many tools used by law enforcement officers to apprehend suspects, the pursuit of vehicles used by a properly trained individual, is a very effective way of fighting in our nation. However, the same vehicles used improperly or by a less experienced officer can prove to be highly dangerous, not to just the officers, but also innocent pedestrians and even suspects in pursuit. In an effort to escape, many criminals are…show more content…
Regardless what others may say, they hold a strong conviction to its meaning. However, they violate the latter of this oath on a daily basis by placing innocent citizens in danger during vehicle pursuits. The real dangers of police pursuits become more obvious when looking at statistics. According to “ Police Pursuits and the Risk” the study was based on over 9 years of data, the years were 1994 to 2002, specifically targeted to police pursuits related deaths. In this 9-year period, the data shown ending in fatality annually in the United States during this period, for a total of 2,654 crashes involving 3,965 vehicles and 3,146 deaths. Out of the 3,146 deaths, 1,088 deaths were innocent people who were killed in a police chase. Accidental deaths from police pursuits accounted for 1,088 people over 9 years, or an average of 121 innocent people per year. The numbers of pursuits continues to increase as well as the number of pursuit-related injuries and deaths. On average, from 1994 through 1998, one law enforcement officer was killed every 11 weeks in a pursuit, and 1 percent of all U.S. law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty lost their lives in vehicle pursuit. Innocent people who just happened to be in the way of the constitute, 42 percent of the people of the people killed or injured in police pursuit, and 1 out of every 100 high speed chase pursuit result in death. There were two primary causes of death: 57 of the officers were shot to death, and 51 died in motor vehicle

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