Sea World: Banning Orca Whales

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Sea World is a place for families to enjoy nature, rides, shows and many other attractions. Families could choose to visit Disney World or Universal Studios for entertainment, but what separates Sea World from these other theme parks is the exotic marine life. Sea World executives have managed to simulate the habitat of a wide variety of nautical creatures within the theme park. The most popular show at Sea World is the Shamu, or killer whale, performance. The 2013 documentary Blackfish revealed some startling information regarding the lives the killer whales, also known as orca whales or blackfish, are leading, but most people are still unaware of how much holding orca whales in captivity limits their livelihood and changes their natural…show more content…
Many feel that “animals are not here to entertain us” (Halperin and Ugwu) and if people are truly interested in learning more about marine life, they would study them in their natural habitat. Humans would not want to be caged up or sent to life in a simulated environment, restricted in their daily activities and told when to perform. Keeping orca whales in captivity to perform may not legally be considered cruelty to animals, but the facts indicate it is damaging to the health of these creatures. Regardless, orca whales are not directly being mistreated and this is what most theme park visitors see—happy, healthy orca whales being fed treats and embraced by…show more content…
Families will go once, see the movie, and never want to visit again. It seems that the movie may have started reaching the public as Sea World's revenues have been declining. At the end of the 2014 summer season, Sea World “reported year-to-date losses of 5 percent in revenue” (Siegemund-Broka) as well as a decline in attendance. Sponsors, such as Southwest Airlines, are ending their partnership with Sea World, resulting in further decreased revenue (Siegemund-Broka). According to Siegemund-Broka, it is unclear whether this is directly due to the documentary Blackfish, but Sea World executives admit it is

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