Summer Reading Assignment

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Bueno,Marielle How to Read Literature Like a Professor Summer Reading Assignment 1. Chapter 1: Every Trip is a Quest (Except When it’s Not) Literary Work: Earth to Echo Every quest contains five key elements including a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go there, the challenges and trials through out the quest, and lastly a real reason to go there. As for the movie “Earth to Echo” the story line is an example of a quest. In the movie there are four young questers, Tuck, Munch, Alex, and Emma. As two of the boys were being dragged out of their homes due to construction work, they discovered strange phone signals. When the group of friends had to dig deep into the phone mystery, they discovered a map to several locations.…show more content…
Referring to Fosters’ view of sharing a meal of peace and unity, with the simple form of eating and drinking to together is considered an act of communion as it doesn’t have to be religious. Although many films and books have a meal scene, the meal scene or rather feast in “Hook” sets an outcome of an act of communion. Within the movie “Hook” the story line is based off of the popular children’s movie “Peter Pan.” With the story of “Peter Pan” teaching about never wanting to grow up, the plot of “Hook” had an added twist in which the setting is revolved around Peters’ adulthood. With Peter being an adult and having a family, there was a sense of Peter forgetting all that happened within his childhood. As the plot progresses, everything started to make sense to Peter as his childhood re-visited him when he was paid a visit by his enemy Captain Hook who kidnapped Peters’ children. After learning that he had to save his children, Peter made a visit to his childhood place known as “Neverland.” Through the troubles of recognizing Peter, his past friends, “The Lost Boys” invited him to their evening
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