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Exercising and maintaining a good health is very important in every human life but not everybody takes action and even if they do most of the people tend to stop after a short period of time. I have been working out and maintaining a healthy diet for a really long time now, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Lately, I have been slacking a lot when it comes to the gym and eating well and this due to the reason as we get older, we have more work to do and more responsibility so we don’t see the gym and healthy food as important as we used to before reaching young adult age. Take a look at the gym and a healthy diet from a different point of view, where it’s the clear picture of the puzzle once you are done building it. This puzzle has many…show more content…
There will be couple sacrifices made in order to achieve this goal and anyone can achieve anything with a few sacrifices and lot of hard work. My plan will be pretty flexible and easy so that it is achievable by anyone who is willing to follow it. as of now, my bed time does not start until like 2 am or so, and that being said I have to wake up at 7 am to make it to class on time which starts at 8 am, so 5 hours of sleep is not very healthy when we are recommended at least 8 hours of sleep a day. So I am willing to give up fun activities so that I can get my work done earlier than I usually do which keeps me up late. I will be going to bed at 10 am the latest so that I can get full 8 hours of sleep which is what my body needs and wake up early with full energy feeling good physically and mentally. I usually do my school work late at night, which usually starts at 10 pm and ends whenever I finish. I am the type of person that will get unnecessary stuff done first like playing games, listening to music, working out and hanging out with friends and then start the important stuff like homework and all that. I will be cutting the amount of time I spend on unnecessary stuff and actually start doing my school work before anything else just so I can get it done and have more rest

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