Strategic Fit Case Study

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2.3 Evaluate, debate and discuss Impala’s strategic fit A strategic fit means that an organisation fits comfortably into its business environment. It adapts its resources and dynamic capabilities to take advantage of external opportunities. It reflects a situation in which all the elements relevant from an organisation are aligned with each other and with the corporate strategy (Louw & Venter, 2013:533). “Strategic fit is the situation in which all the internal and external elements relevant for a company are in line with each other and with the corporate strategy” (Zajac, Kraatz & Bresser, 2000) and this is supported by Andrews (1971); Hofer and Schendel (1978) who defined the appropriateness of a firm’s strategy in terms of its fit, match…show more content…
An emphasis on strategic fit can allow for a more nuanced approach to conceptualizing and testing the relationship between strategic change and performance. Whilst theorist have debated whether adaptation is rare vs. common and whether it is beneficial vs. harmful (Astley & Van de Ven, 1983; Bourgeois, 1984). It was evidenced from the modelling approach that some organisations will change as much as they should, others will not change as much, yet others will not change and should not change and finally others will change more than they should (Zajac, Kraatz & Bresser, 2000). According to the Business Day Live (2014) there is a risk that increased waste mined could offset any gains and there are concerns about the wider stakeholder reactions and this is supported by the concerns from the analysts indicating that mechanisation isn’t as easy as it sounds

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