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Disaster Preparedness Submitted by: Ron David Marc Escarda Jesicca Malolos Nico Orallo Monica Piczon Khristian Sabiniano Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Current business continuity plan of Landbank of the Philippines 4 III. Critical Components - Benchmarking 5 I. Introduction This paper aims to develop and improve the disaster preparedness of Landbank of the Philippines. The focus will be employee welfare and business continuity in order for the bank to continue serving its clients, especially our priority sectors. The evacuation of employees and relocations of stranded employees should be prioritized. A business continuity plan involves creating approaches on how the company would react or take actions in…show more content…
Organized disaster evacuation and relocation plan for employees 7. Assigning a representative for each team or department that will lead in case of a disaster (Source: Investopedia.com & Techopedia.com) II. Current business continuity plan of Landbank of the Philippines There are different business continuity plans depending on the different department. The fact that different departments have different sets of functions implies that the Risk Management Group sets a tailor fit business continuity plan. But there are standard plans that are set for the whole bank such as; 1. Assignment of Floor Emergency Response Team (FERT). Each floor has an assigned FERT Team Leader who will facilitate whenever calamities or certain fortuitous events occur. The FERT members have different specialties suchas III. Benchmarking Here are some critical components identified by different multinational banks (Deutsche and JPMorgan) 1. Recovery of data and its back up (soft copy and hard copy if applicable) – identifying the location of important files or records and location of hard copy of back ups. Steps in recovering the data should be known by designated team leaders in case of an…show more content…
Important banking systems – essential systems used in order for the bank to continue its operations. If the mainframe where all the data is located in the head office, a back up should also be available on other sites. Accounting systems, and those used in branches should always be up and running even if there is a disaster or an emergency situation. 3. Communication and connectivity – Internet should be available for systems to work properly. Communication should also be available between the bank and its clients, as well as bank personnel located on the back up site to another personnel located in areas not affected by the disasters. The firm should also be able to communicate with all its employees to ensure safety a. Landbank currently have modest communication mediums i. Office communicator is not available in all branches of LBP. In other banks the communicator is used. The head office of other banks is connected to the network of other branches including branches outside the country. Using a communicator is more efficient compared to sending emails especially when there is a disaster ii. Not all branch personnel have lotus notes. They use yahoo which is also not safe and is prone to hackers b. If LBP can have a central network like Citrix then the backup won’t be a problem because once it is accessed on other locations, the data will automatically be

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