Essay On Disaster Management In The Philippines

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Introduction Philippines is no stranger to damaging natural disaster and is considered as one of the most disaster-prone country in the world. In fact, because of its high exposure to natural calamities, it ranked as the third most disaster-prone country in the world based on the World Disaster Report 2012 released in Brussels, Belgium. Its devastating calamities are continuing to claim the lives of hundreds to thousands and to damage great amount of property almost every year. These disasters include typhoon, flood, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, landslides, drought and others. These mentioned disasters are endless and its effect must be minimized. One of the important factors to be done is reducing risk before an incident arises.…show more content…
The unexpected disasters like earthquake and landslides and relentless disasters like strong typhoon, floods and storm surges had left the country a huge damage. A crisis on distribution of goods to the affected individuals and transparency issue of financial donation had also existed. Quick responses and help to the affected areas are sometimes impossible because of unidentified location and uncertain number of goods and service needed. The lack of DRRM services to the community had been an issue and subject to question. Their act on improving devices and system and usage of alternative and conventional ways done during disasters were insufficient. This design focuses on creating system that consists of both hardware and software and with the use of ICT that would help improve the services of DRR. Hence the project design aims to answer the following question: 1. What are the alternative devices can a DRRM use to avoid the high number of damage during the disaster? 2. How can ICT help to improve the DRRM performance? What will its contribution to the enhancement of risk

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