Personal Narrative Essay: My Mother's Life

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It was an ordinary Wednesday like any other, the same people, the same classes, the same schedule and the same routine. It was a chilly day and the wind was so strong it almost blew the leaves out of the trees, the day had gone by really slow and I wanted to go home already. I kept checking the clock anxious for it to mark 3:15, it was 3:10 five more minutes I thought to myself and I could be free. Those 5 minutes lasted forever and the next thing I knew the bell was ringing and I was headed to my locker. I grabbed my back bag and went running outside as if someone was chasing me, but no one was. I was wondering around the parking lot when I noticed that my sister’s car had not arrived yet. I called my sister to ask her why she wasn’t here yet but she wouldn’t pick up her phone. I was about to call my mother to tell her that my sister wasn’t here yet but I recognized someone. My father was walking towards me. “Amanda, I’m here to pick you up,” he told me as we walked towards the car. “Where’s my sister?” I asked him. “We’ll talk about that later,” he said in a serious voice. I finally arrived home after a confusing ride with my father. The moment I entered the house everything seemed weird,…show more content…
“Amanda come inside”, I looked up, and it was my mother. I could see the sadness in her face with her wet, red eyes and the tears running down her face. It was finally the time, I thought. This moment would have eventually arrived, I had to let go of him, I had to let my grandfather pass on to another life. I kept feeling as if this was a dream but the moment I saw the casket that contained my grandfather’s now dead body, I knew it was real. It finally hit me, I would have to live a life without someone I truly loved. It was like all the stars had abandoned the night sky and I was left alone. I left the room with my head down knowing this was the last time I would ever get to see him

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