Disadvantages Of Year Round School

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Although a more traditional school year is what most states have, year-round schooling can help benefits students more. By going to school-year round students will lose, or unlearn, more information, help the disadvantaged gain the knowledge, offer shorter breaks that happen more often, close the gap between work day hours and school hours, and help group teachers to students. Several schools, mostly elementary and middle schools, in North Carolina offer multi-track schooling. This helps group teachers with students in order to prevent teachers for not getting breaks along with the students. These schools have a system in which there is 45 days in school and then are followed by a 15 day vacation. Multi-track schools spilt students and teachers into 3 or 4 groups. Some groups may be in school and the others will be on vacation. This is to reduce the amount of overcrowding. By not spending more money to build additional schools, the Wake County Public School System had 22 of its elementary and middle schools convert to year-round schedules (Towler). Modified calendar of year round school.…show more content…
This means that it takes less time to review the material. Studies have found that the disadvantaged students lose about 27% more than their peers. Being in school the same number of days, with shorter breaks , these student can then be on the same learning track, and keep their brains on track that they may not have at home when not in school. The National Summer Learning Association often cites research that students really do forget or unlearn things they have learned when they have to much time off between classroom sessions
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