Pros And Cons Of Year Round School

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Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste the experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences” (Conners 73). Are high schools wiping out the motivation for higher education before they even make it to college? Some people think that year-round school benefits students by maintaining information and frequent breaks, but most studies show that the cons outweigh the pros. Maybe teachers and schools are asking too much from their students without realizing it. It is pointless to transition to YRE if it only creates more problems. Of course there are some positive benefits that come from year-round school, but is it really worth it if there are not overwhelmingly…show more content…
A big chunk of the work is on the administration because they are in charge of keeping track of the school district (Lynch). With traditional schools they have to budget and keep track of schools for nine months out of the year, but with year-round schools they are busy the entire year. School administrators would have to make sure that all schools in their district were all on the same calendar or that would cause family conflicts (Long). Also, with a multi track calendar scheduling becomes very complex. Almost 25% of the student body will be gone each day (Yeager). That is not only more work on the administrators but also on the teachers. Some disadvantages of YRE are finding teachers that want to teach 12 months out of a year instead of 9 (Yeager). Most teachers enjoy their job because they get that three month break during the summer. They use that to spend time with their family and go on vacation. Although in a year-round schedule they don’t get that opportunity. Another disadvantage involving the school is the cost of most everything increasing because of transportation, maintenance, and other utilities (Yeager). Most traditional schools use their long break to make repairs and even remodel and update their school. But with the shorter breaks that YRE offer the major repairs would not be possible (Pearson). With those cons being stated YRE can also benefit in some ways. Studies show that kids with disabilities benefit more from year-round schools (Pearson). Those kids could really use the frequent breaks and get more time in the classroom that they need. Having school year-round will also take persistence from all (Connors 67). It is very important that teachers who are enthused about their job are the teachers being hired. Everyone gains more from the situation if everyone feels involved and motivated (Connors 53). “Praise in public,

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