Synthesis Essay On Daylight Saving Time

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Have you ever stopped to think about why daylight-saving time exists? Daylight-savings was first created during World War I in an effort to save energy and was implemented again during World War II again for this same reason. The success of these trials led to many states adopting their own daylight-savings times (Source A). Daylight-saving time should continue to be used in the United States because it promotes more outdoor activities and preserves energy. First, daylight-saving time allows more time for outdoor activities. Since children do not attend school in the summer when daylight-savings is implemented, they can remain outside and exercise for longer periods of time. The extra time that these children are allowed to participate in outdoor activities provides them more exercise and ultimately better sleep, as they are tired from a long day of playing. Adults who work also have more daylight hours after work that they may use to participate in outdoor activities such as jogging or riding a bike, which also promotes a healthy lifestyle and better sleep. This extra time spent outdoors instead of indoors also decreases the use of many household electronics such as the television, computer, and video game…show more content…
As families are remaining outdoors, the use of television sets and appliances greatly decreases, simultaneously saving energy (Source C) and promoting a healthy lifestyle. In the 1970’s, the U.S. Department of Transportation conducted a study that showed “America’s electricity usage is reduced by about one percent during each day” of daylight savings (Source B). Because people can use natural daylight to light their homes for a larger portion of the day, electricity does not need to be used as consistently as during the Fall and Winter months when daylight ends much sooner. This decrease in energy use is both good for the environment as well as good for our

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