Hurricane Hunters Research Paper

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Imagine that you are a hunter. When I said that, you probably immediately thought of a guy looking for wild animals in a jungle with a gun. What most people don't know is thatthere are many different types of hunters that use many different kinds of technologies. The most advanced technology used by hunters today is the technology that hurricane hunters use today: the weather reconnaissance. This is so because it can alert people of the kinds of weather coming and it can help to update people on what the storm does. Close your eyes and imagine a hurricane suddenly wiping out every house in your neighborhood, but with no warning what-so-ever. Now, rewind to about a day before your house was struck by this storm. A man comes up on the…show more content…
You pack your bags and drive to another area that the hurricane wouldn't affect, and the next day, you're safe and sound. If we did not have the technologies that hurricane hunters provide us with today, the first example might be a reality and several people could die just from one storm. Weather satellites prevent this from happening because they can take weather images that can predict when a storm is coming and/or where it will strike. An example of this occurred in 1961, which tested one of the first weather satellites. According to Harriet Jane Caldwell, "an experimental weather satellite...showed a hurricane heading toward the Texas coast. The forecasters calculated that Hurrricane Carla would land less than 100 miles west of Galveston...The government was able to warn over 350,000 residents of the Gulf Coast."…show more content…
There are also civilization hunters and underwater hunters, and of course they have technologies, too. Underwater hunters have technologies that help to blow sand off of shipwrecks so that they may be explored. People such as Kip Wagner "investigated a wrecked ship using a water dredge to suction away sand". (Key, "Florida Waters Treasure Hunters", paragraph 6). This means that a group of underwater hunters used a technology to blow sand away from a shipwreck so that they could explore it and uncover its riches. Other hunters, such as Mel Fisher, invented devices similar to the one above, but it stuck to the back of a boat and blew away sand as you floated past it. It was called the mailbox because it was bent at a 90 degree angle. The reason why weather technologies are more useful and advanced compared to the underwater technologies mentioned is that even though exploring riches underwater is cool, its devices can only blow away sand and they cannot save lives, whereas weather tecnologies can help to save people from dying through their devices and updates. They also can deliver satellite pictures and tell us more about the storm, therefore, weather technologies are more useful and advanced compared to underwater

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