A Career As A Registered Nurse (RN)

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The topic of my research paper is dealing with the nursing field, a registered nurse(RN), I chose this topic because I always wanted to help people and follow in my aunt's footsteps. A registered nurse is a nurse who has graduated from a college’s nursing program or from a school and has passed a national licensing exam. A registered nurse play a big role in the medical field. The role of a RN consist of performing physical exams, checking health histories and interpreting patient information. The role of a RN also range from direct patient care and case management to establishing nursing practice standards developing quality assurance procedures, and directing complex nursing care systems. Being a RN is also Psychologically demanding as nurses…show more content…
Nurses do a lot, a lot of people may not think so, but they do. They have a difficult job to do , they deal with rude and cruel people everyday in the work area, but they still manage to get their job done and continue to tend to the sick. Nursing can also help your everyday life, you can practically find a nurse anywhere. Nurses work in all healthcare settings such as , hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices. RN’s may act as coordinates in collaboration with other healthcare professionals in other words coordinate treatments. An example of that may be a nurse may have to report to a doctor regarding all issues experienced by a patient that has been admitted to a health facility. This will help the doctor make a quick analysis and in the end prompt quick…show more content…
There are also a few educational routes available to prospective registered nurses. Many colleges offer 2-year associate's degree programs in nursing, which can qualify graduates for basic nursing practices. There are 68 different nursing careers. It’s not hard to get into a good college for nursing, the top five universities that are good for nursing are, University Of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University, University Of Calif-San Francisco, University Of Washington, and University Of Pittsburgh. In order for you to get accepted in any nursing school you need to have a 3.0 GPA average, the higher the better. Grades are critical in going to nursing school, you don’t have to have all A’s but your grades need to be good. Some colleges require chemistry and biology, but it depends on the school you're attending. Most nursing schools require you to take a class in anatomy and physiology before you start core nursing classes. English is an very important class to pass, you may also need to take some advanced math as well. Your tuition for your masters degree per year is very expensive, for the University Of Pennsylvania is about $36,620 per year, John Hopkins University $29,020 per year, University of Calif-San Francisco $24,792 per year( in state) $37,037 per year (out of state), and the University Of Pittsburgh is $36,480 per

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