Disadvantages Of Smartphones

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Due the democratization of technology it’s easy to access information. Through the internet a lot of people can get information quickly. Furthermore the internet allows us interact and exchange information with other cultures and traditions. The internet can even allow people to study online and get an education for free: Khan Academy or Coursera. The rapid development of the internet along with the progress of technology, nowadays smartphones are like hand-held computers. Those computers are more practical to carry around than actual laptop for the same services. In the span of 40 years the United Arab Emirates went from a small underdeveloped nation to a developing nation. According to a report from the Gulf News, an average adult in United Arab Emirates owns at least four devices- smartphones, tablet, PC or laptop. Amazingly, among these devices smartphones ownership is over-indexed, meaning consumers own more smartphones compared to the rest of…show more content…
It has shown a massive development in the technology sector. For instance the Dubai government with the help of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid has successfully demonstrated an application called: ‘’Dubai Now’’. This application facilitates for people by helping them pay their bills, their traffic tickets and other administrative charges online, without the pain of waiting in line and saves up a lot of time and energy to everybody that uses it. It’s also important to mention that this application helps local youth to find jobs. However, when comparing with it a very high tech country like Japan, which is one of the leading country in research in new technologies. What is interesting to note is that people in japan are much more knowledgeable in the usage of technology and finding balance between innovation and tradition. Whereas in the United Arab Emirates the people tend to rely blindly on technology through their
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