The Pros And Cons Of Iphone X

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iPhone X in INDIA India has become the world’s second largest smartphone market after china, with over 40 million units shipped with 23% yearly growth in 2017.As on 30 November 2017, there were 243 million users of smartphones in the country. People prefer smartphones mainly due to the advantages they get from media platforms. Smartphones provide a platform for communication, business development, career growth, social and personality development. It also provides a new avenue for unlimited applications to help people. There are many smartphone companies in India such as SAMSUNG, OPPO, LENOVO, ONEPLUS, XIAOMI, APPLE, etc. APPLE was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1977. The company began local production in India earlier 2017, and its iPhone shipments more than doubled to 900,000 units in the quarter compared with last year’s quarter. Apple…show more content…
There are so many reasons behind the failure of iPhone X .Some of them are Early activation issues, The Prices Might Be Too High, Screen unresponsiveness in cold weather, Camera flash fails in cold weather, Cellular modem differences, Strong Competitors Like Samsung, Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi, Innovation is Lacking, Fast Charging costs Extra. So lots of users get detach from iPhone X and run toward other companies smartphones. Due to all above mention reason iPhone X will lead to death. Conclusion On day today living with iPhone X is not that much good as expected. There are very much intolerable issues in iPhone.There is not any major issue with iPhone X, These are small niggles that make man frustrated and to leave it aside. When it comes to price iPhone is very expensive and out of the range of a common man. On this APPLE only says theirs products do not come cheap, which is not a good solution. They just make the iPhone X unaffordable for lower division people of

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