The Importance Of Motherhood

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People are the wholesome of their experiences in life. The identity of any person is also the total some of different conscious and subconscious factors that constitute his being. Every individual has his own hopes and dreams that he aspires to realize. Of course, such hopes and dreams should be within the reality of his abilities, the social surrounding in which he lives and within the conventions and the social codes that govern his community. However, if such dreams and aspirations are otherwise, social as well as political clash of some sort will occur and such dreams will be a subject of criticism and contempt by the surrounding community. Such individuals have to suffer and their suffering will be greater when they are criticized by the very individuals that once have been sharers of their dreams and aspirations. In other words, such dream and hope holders will be scapegoats for others at different levels. A mother is guided by her instinct of motherhood in socializing her children. A mother is the very source of warmth and the fountain of kindness and care for her children. She is driven by her motherhood instinct to care for her children equally regardless of…show more content…
Of course, the instinct of motherhood makes her sympathize with her abnormal child spontaneously. On the other hand, when the rest of the members of the family, including the father, do not have the same sympathy toward this child, the domestic atmosphere turns to be a chaotic one. Here, the mother finds herself in a dilemma either to continue sympathizing with her abnormal child and forget about the rest of the family or change her attitude of sympathy toward the abnormal child and go to side with the rest of the family. Thus, she is split between the two different attitudes and this makes her dilemma

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