Importance Of Human Rights Essay

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The essence of justice lies on the principle of equality. It is unfortunate that some sections of the society specially, tribal children are deprived of the benefits of basic rights at par with others, due to lack of education and ignorance that ultimately results into violation of their human rights. Human right is an old concept. They reside inherently in the individual human beings independent of and even prior to his participation in the society (Dr.V.K.Anand 2001). There are the rights, which entitled mankind a decent, civilized life in which inherent dignity of each human being will receive respect and protection (A.N.Sen 2002). Child is a nation’s assets and future resource of manpower to a nation. Children need special protection because of their tender age and physique, mental immaturity and incapacity to look after themselves. Various Laws have been made for the protection and welfare of the children. It seems that poverty is the basic…show more content…
It provides that everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well being of himself and of his family, including food. Article 11 of the International Convention on Economic and Social Rights provides ‘the right of everyone to be free from hunger as a fundamental right. Good nutrition is a right guaranteed for children under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In India also though this right is not expressly provided under the Constitution, but the relevant provisions are given under Article 47 of the Constitution which provides that it is the duty of the state to raise the level of nutrition. The Supreme Court of India in People’s Union for Civil Liberties vs. Union of India (Supreme Court 2000) has recognized the right to food as right to

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