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Task - To compare the two film versions of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Address the question below. "Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' is a classic piece of literature with timeless themes. Compare and contrast the way Zeffirelli and Luhrmann have translated the play to the screen, particularly discussing the different elements of film used (such as setting and design, characters music and sound, cinematography)." Romeo and Juliet Comparison Essay Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann both created very different films that were based around William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet", both of them had distinctly different aspects yet both still managed to convey the story that Shakespeare intended to show to his audience. However many differences…show more content…
Such as the Zeffirelli film, where original Shakespearean dialogue is spoken. It is intriguing that in the Luhrmann film, they still speak Shakespearean dialogue, even when referring to their guns as “swords.” In the Zeffirelli film, the language used is no doubt effective, for it flows with the scene, the era that the film is set and the costumes that are worn during the film. It is not as unusual or distinctive, it's almost expected after a while, and is more natural to both hear and speak. However, in the Luhrmann film, it is quite unique and strange to see the characters dressed in t-shirts and jeans, riding around in fast cars and not on horses, using guns instead of swords, all while speaking in traditional Shakespearean dialogue. This was effective because it held true to what Shakespeare wanted to…show more content…
It is more compelling, more raw, and at the same time it still manages to convey the same story. One of the most outstanding effects for the two films is the use of music. The Luhrmann film has the same song that serves as background music for most of the encounters between Romeo and Juliet, an orchestral piece that is modern yet still gives the scenes it is used in a kind of classic vibe. The music sets this film apart in a very positive way from the other film. Though it is less traditional, it holds the appeal of being romantic because it is more appealing to the audiences of

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