Disadvantages Of Population Growth

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“Population Growth” is defined as the evolution in the figure of individuals residing within a state, and can be classified into either positive or negative rate, which can be expressed as a percentage of population at the start of that period. It reflects the number of births and death and the number of people migrating to and from a country during a particular period and these quantities vary periodically. Nevertheless, the differences can be distinguish, positive population growth rate can be attained only when there are more conceived birth rates than death rates in a given time period normally annually and vice versa for negative growth rate. (GEE, ELLEN M, 2002) The contemporary Singapore that we’re living in, also known as “little…show more content…
Likewise, education sector will be affected majorly as the government has to invest a large capital to build more and bigger schools. Furthermore, increasing the intake of tutors, continued education and etc requires monetary which underdeveloped countries couldn’t afford. (Arnette, n.d.) Although more demand of jobs are created to serve the need of many, it also creates stiff competition among all, as employers can hire employees for a lower wage thus resulting in unemployment. Apart from that, building of new infrastructure such as roads, building, housing and tourist attractions, may require reclaiming of land as each country only has that limited amount of land. Thus this may even lead to higher prices and reduced quality of…show more content…
No doubt, the standard of living is costly due to higher aspiration in life e.g. 5Cs to improve quality of life. Since Singapore gained its independence in 1965, it has transmogrified itself from a three world country to a first world country, and is now one of the most reputable city known globally. Despite facing multiple obstacles like over rising of business cost, tighter labor policies and slowed growth (Chia Yan Min, 2015) , Singapore is still able to sustain as the world’s second most competitive economy for five consecutive years (Singapore Economic Development Board, 2015) due to its openness to global trade and investment that provides continuous solid basic for economic

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