Pros And Cons Of Refugees

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In today’s world of war and distress, many people are forced to leave their homes in order to escape persecution and violence. Some people flee while staying in their country, while others seek refuge in other countries, becoming refugees. Many Middle Eastern and North African countries especially have many experiences of terrorism and government corruption, leading to refugees flooding into the nearest safe house: Europe. Many European countries are having difficulties handling the refugees, due to many reasons. While it is unethical for these countries to turn away the refugees, as they are just trying to survive, it is difficult from the perspective of a government to accept these refugees with open arms. This is due to two main reasons:…show more content…
In contradiction to the argument established earlier, when refugees first arrive in Europe, they must have time to adjust to the new environment: whether it be the language or the social norms. Therefore, this means that the refugees may not be able to find employment instantly, which leads to the idea that they would not be able to raise the GDP of the country. This may lead to the country’s population and government stating that the refugees only use up the hard-earned taxes of the citizens, and have no benefit. Furthermore, when refugees first arrive in Europe, the EU must provide them with shelter, food, water, and other basic necessities, because the humanitarian needs of the refugees must be fulfilled. This can be very expensive, especially when the number of refugees is very high. In other words, countries that are seen as places of refuge must spend a significant amount of money in order to take care of refugees. This money is gathered from the taxes collected by the country’s own population. Another problem in the view of the Europeans is that the increased work force will lead to lesser wages, which could lead to less comfortable living. Moreover, the higher number of workers means greater competition for jobs. Due to these reasons, many Europeans are uncomfortable with the idea of accepting refugees into their own countries, because it could lead to a more difficult time for

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