To Greville Rumble's Summary Of Social Justice, Economics, And Distance Education

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Succinct Summary The article by Greville Rumble entitled “Social Justice, economics, and distance education” written in 2007 discusses the importance of education and education reform in order for people to lead better lives. Rumble argues that access to education “is a fundamental human right” (p. 167) and a qualifier for the type of life an individual can achieve. He stresses that access to education should be guaranteed by the state and the government should develop a redistributive tax system so everyone can have access to the same opportunities with “a certain material quality of life, freedom, and respect, and knowledge in place of ignorance” (Rumble, 2007, p. 172) which are the attributes, according to Rumble, of a “good” life. Rumble strongly argues that “libertarian policies are vicious” and have “weakened support for the nation-state as a provider of social welfare” (p. 167) increasing inequality and widening the gap between social classes. Strengths and Weaknesses…show more content…
Distance education was originally viewed as an alternative to traditional education because “it provided a cheaper option of meeting demand” (Rumble, 2007, p. 167) and was capable of reaching people who could not attend a traditional educational institution due to limited resources, geographical location, or other constraints. Rumble asserts that the increased educational opportunities and contributions distance education presented to create an egalitarian society contributed to government involvement in recognizing distance education as an alternative form for obtaining an education. There was a consensus that everyone had a right to an education and that costs would remain low to encourage people, especially those from low socioeconomic status, to apply and invest in human

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