Essay About Globalization In Lebanon

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Globalization is a worldwide tendency to financial, economic, and communicational integration between countries that surpasses the barriers that slow or prevent interconnections, businesses, and trades between those countries which increases the world’s performance as a whole. It supports developing countries to grow and therefore catch up to other industrialized countries through various methods such as trade, employment, communication, and modern technology. It also boosts the cultural coherence between countries which opens many doors for young generations who are interested in working with global markets and developing their skills into a more international and a broader view. One of the developing countries that has been very active in this field is Lebanon, this country’s natural resources are very limited and its manufacturing power is not…show more content…
However, globalization does have some disadvantages, from what I have personally seen, the Lebanese people these days are being too involved in the foreign culture and it has reduced the authenticity and the taste of the Lebanese culture, you can see this phenomena every day and you can also see how it changed the lifestyle of most of the Lebanese people in order to “fit” in the foreign culture and traditions, it reached a point where it is hard to find normal people having a proper conversation in Arabic without adding to it different English or French sentences. To me, this is a major issue because a person without his/her cultural traditions is a person without identity, and it is our identity that makes us unique and stand out among

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