Essay On Natural Environment In China

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China’s environmental disaster is one of the most insistent challenges to occur from the country’s fast industrialization. Its economic growth, in which GDP developed on normal 10 percent each year for more than a decade, has come at the cost of its environment and health. China is the world’s largest cause of carbon releases, and the air excellence of many of its main cities fails to meet international health ideals. Each countries must produce resources to stay alive. China does not lack rare earth natural resources and mineral deposits used in everyday electronics like phones or televisions. They trade them to countries that build that kind of material like South Korea, Japan, or the United States. That is why other countries…show more content…
With such limited natural environments, however, China's grain production has increased from about 200 kg per capita in 1949 to about 400 kg in the early 1990. Hunger as a social problem has largely gone after being established in China for several thousand years with the rise and decay of families. This achievement has been accompanied by a 2.5-fold increase in the population and a 4.5-fold increase in total grain production. Although total collected land has increased a little in some areas, land used for gathering has decreased from 0.18 hectare per capita in the 1950 to less than 0.1 hectare per capita today. Apparently, produce increase or improved land productivity is the major giver to the increase of food production per capita. What are the major reasons for the record achievement in China's food production Political decisions, good or bad, on land distribution and ownership changes, have caused unusual instability in grain production. Technical progress, however, has maintained a long-term increasing development. and the improvement of salinized soil pressure in the major grain producing areas have all played significant roles in increasing China's food production
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