The Importance Of Culture

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As quoted from Richard Moe: “Preservation is making opportunities for contact with our shared heritage, and that is the glue that holds us together.” It means to say that this sense of belonging and identity is what ties a community together and promotes respect for people of different societies and of different times. We link ourselves to the buildings around us a lot more than we think. The concrete jungle that we live in now is part of our modern nature and the information it provides us with should be cherished. Secondly, the arts and intellectual achievements embedded in the culture. Being part of a culture also means to participate in the passing down of knowledge, may it be tradition, information, documents that regard religion, science,…show more content…
Which, brings us to our last point. The contribution of historical buildings to the economy or a country’s bank account. Many historical buildings and monuments are not only informative but they also look astounding., Despite some being ruins, it leaves the viewer to their imagination of the amazing buildings that once stood and the stories that are tied to it. Fascinated by this, tourists visit these historical buildings and monuments in the countries that they travel to. This surge of income from tourism could contribute to the economy, and there are countries that rely highly on tourism to maintain their economic status and financial situation. Cultural, heritage and historical tourism is a rapidly growing industry, and countries can use this as a chance to improve their economy. There are many countries that rely heavily on tourism as a major income source. Most of the countries that are most reliant on their tourism industry are poor or have a relatively small population and therefore, the economy. For example: In Macau, travel and tourism contributes to 51% of the total employment of the country. With 3,086,271 tourists per year, $16,797 dollars per income tourist capita, that’s a staggering total of $51.8 Billion…show more content…
In preserving historical buildings, there’s the Historical Importance, Cultural Importance and Economical Importance, in which, when combined together, really emphasises the prominence and urgency of preserving these magnificent treasures. With growing pollution and changes to the planet, it would drastically affect these buildings. Before we know it, they might collapse or deteriorate and eventually disappear. We can help by donating to organisations dedicated to the cause or something as simple as educating the next generation about the importance. You might’ve thought that you were just killing time by listening to this presentation, but I’ll leave one last thought for you to take

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