Disadvantages Of Plastics

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Introduction Plastics is of the most uses material around the world. The term plastic is used for several materials of a synthetic or semi-synthetic nature. The term plastic came from the Greek word plastikos, this word means “fit for molding.” Plastics have many different properties when observed as a total. This what make plastic has many uses such as, rubber, cellulose, asphalt, and shellac. Also, it can be manufacture items like, electronics, clothing aircraft, packaging, recreational items, automobiles, and medical supplies. This list might go and proceed and plentiful of what we consume would not be conceivable without plastics. plastics change the world, one of the reason was in cost. It’s too much inexpensive to manufacture and more easiest than other materials, also the several ways it might be…show more content…
Density, economics, hardness, strength, this the most scientific characteristic of PVC. There are many advantages of PVC, first its available and relativity cheap, is very hard and resists impact distortion very well relative to other plastics and its very dense and thus, has a good tensile strength, has a very good resistant to alkalis and chemicals. Other way the disadvantages of PVC are its very poor heat stability. For this that additives, which stabilize the material at very high temperatures are naturally additional to the material during production, also its produces toxic fumes when melted and/or subject to a fire.

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