Persuasive Essay On Plastic Surgery

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Many male or female want to be the most beautiful in the world, and they would like to have plastic surgery to become a “perfect” person. They might want to have a good looking, even the child also has the same notion. This phenomenon is ordinary to anyone and generation. However, there are lots of teenagers have plastic surgery when they are not maturing. There are more than 226,000 patients between 13 and 19 were executed plastic surgery in 2015 (Diana Zuckerman, 2012). In fact, many people are not endorsed to teens have plastic surgery before 18. Teens want to design their body like their idols to increase their self-esteem. The ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) informed the average age of execute plastic surgery of patients has dropped from 34 to 17 (PennLive, 2009). The trend shows that teens having plastic surgery is popular than before. Also, they have…show more content…
At last, they are prettier than before, but they may regret with what they did. They may try to improve their physical characteristics, but they are still growing. The body is changing every day in adolescence stage. In addition, cosmetic surgery also can be dangerous. Some foreign material can be affect to people, such as implant. It could be inserted and rejected (PennLive Op-Ed, 2009). Adolescents need to recognize what they will bring consequences. Cosmetic surgery has high risks for youngsters, because their bodies are growing and developing (PennLive Op-Ed, 2009). Although teens maybe need less recover time than adults, it is not representing their body can afford the after-effects of cosmetic surgery, such as degenerate sensation and scarring (Diana Zuckerman, 2012). They should realize the consequences before they decide to have cosmetic surgery because it may affect to their life. In addition, Idols, TV stars and singers are undergone surgery before, and the trend of cosmetic surgery in recent years is very

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