Argumentative Essay On Credit Cards

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Having a charge card is a common phenomenon for modern people. Banks promote their application programs of credit cards on commercials every day with slogans like, “Dreams Come True,” or “Give Yourself a Chance to Success.” Paying things by credit cards is convenient, because you do not have to bring cash with you. Besides, credit cards are easy to apply for. The little plastic thing would not cause serious social issues if a complete system is built. However, I do not agree with this kind of paying tool. I will never refer to the policy which allows students to have their own credit cards. Since the qualifications for applying for a plastic card have become lower and lower, banks even promote the project for the “Student Credit Card.” If you are twenty years old, have the parents’ agreement, and prove that you are capable of paying the money back every month, then you…show more content…
Those who choose to own the credit card often intents to build up a good credit, train themselves to control spending, or form a good spending habit; nevertheless, the feedback happens only after you have regulated yourself successfully while using the plastic money, which means without getting caught by the sky high interest rate. In actual reality, some car holders keep accumulating their debts instead of cutting back their spending as their beginning idea. Take my twenty-five year old sister and my brother, who is thirty years old now for example. They think that they are mature enough to make good use of the plastic card, and things would not go wrong if they employ it cautiously, yet both of them are being chased by bills every month afterwards; however, in spite of suffer form the breathless ordeal, they still cannot quit it. When do these people take a breath? Life can be loathsome and despairing if we always encumber with

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