Plastics: Uses And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastics

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Introduction: In this project, we going to see the polymers use in Exterior trim in Automotive, discuss the advantages and disadvantages, and see some examples on polymer used in Exterior trim but first What is the Exterior trim? It is any part use on the outside body of the car to protect other parts or just to add aesthetic look on the car like bumpers, car tyers and door handles...….etc. The figure below show some exterior part made of plastic: (Plastic still has a poor image even today, being connected more with flimsy toys than the leading edge of motor industry technology But plastics are becoming increasingly used in making cars)1 and we will see through this project the important role the plastic play in automotives industry. Why we use plastics in cars: the answer for that in general is because we lower the car Wight and that will lower the fuel consumption’s , some parts we…show more content…
Definition of some terms used: 1- Anti-corrosion: (refers to the protection of surfaces from rust)4. 2- Impact resistance: (is the ability of a material to withstand a high force or shock applied to it over a short period)4. 3- Chemicals Resistance: (This is usually expressed as the change in properties (such as hardness, strength and elongation at break) caused by the presence of chemicals)4. 4- Toughness: is the ability of a material to absorb energy and plastically deform without fracturing. 5- UV radiation: (Invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun)4. 6- Thermal expansion: increase in linear dimensions of a solid or in volume of a fluid because of rise in temperature. 7- Stress: it is the perpendicular force on the surface Area. References: 1- 2-

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