Disadvantages Of Nuclear Weapons

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In the last four decades, nuclear weapons have spread all over the world. This spread increased the chance of a nuclear war with unpredictable consequences. Some governments claim that they have these kinds of weapons to defend themselves, and others say that it maintains the military balance between countries. However, all countries in the world should give up their nuclear weapons because it is a risk to humans, it harms nature and it is a waste of money. Shultz et al (2007) say that "nuclear weapons today present tremendous dangers, but also an historic opportunity" (P. 1). In 1945, more than Two hundred thousand people were killed after the US air force dropped a nuclear bomb on cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This tragedy will not be…show more content…
First of all, it keeps the military balance between nations. As a result, it will be a major factor to maintain stability around the world. Sagan (2012) claims that the reason for having nuclear weapon for many states that they think that it increases their own security. They claim that it is important to enhance the security inside and around the country. The second reason is that any state that has nuclear weapon will be more effective in political and military fields. Moreover, this state will impose itself on other nations, and sometimes it can dominate them. For example, Russia will not give up their nuclear weapon because America has this weapon also. Russian leaders think that if they don’t have this weapon, their rivals such as America will have the advantage which can use to threatening them and vice versa. The third reason of why countries should have nuclear weapon is to defending themselves from any external aggression. If the country has an atomic weapon, no one will even think to attack this country or invade it. The last reason of why nuclear weapon is important that it saves money. Some opinions say that strength your army by new and effective weapon costs too much money because you have to keep buying the newest military equipments and keep repairing them. In spite of that, it is enough to create a…show more content…
Finding alternative is important step to get rid of nuclear weapons. States can use nuclear technology by building reactors for peaceful purposes such as water purification and electricity generation. These programs are useful and countries can become developed because of them. In addition, knowing the consequences of this weapon is another way to get rid of them. When people know about dangers of this weapon, they will demand their governments to give it up. Because of that, people should cooperate with each other to avoid the world the dangers of that

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