Truman Approach To Communism

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The cold war was a result of a large build up of tensions throughout the years following the end of the Second World War. With Truman coming into office in 1945 at a disadvantage (as he had not been involved in foreign policy before he became president) there was a hiccup in the proceedings. Misinterpretation of many events caused each superpower to act with strength against each other by making political moves, and if it were not for the large amounts of nuclear weapons around, the cold war may not have been cold. In April 1945, Truman became the president after Roosevelt’s sudden death, he was thrown in at the deep end with not much prior knowledge on how to deal with the USSR, so instead of adopting Roosevelt’s attitude toward the USSR…show more content…
Truman’s approach to communism later became known as the ‘Iron Fist’, this was mainly a result of the failure of appeasement. Truman’s policy was shaped only by what he was told and what he could make out of the situation, he received George Kennan’s long telegraph, which told him to be very weary of Stalin and not trust him. He also had pressure on him from the growing anti-communist groups throughout the USA to deal with the communist threat. Truman’s decision in 1945 to not directly tell Stalin about the development of the atomic bomb and that he was going to use it on Japan worsened relations between the USSR as they were meant to be allies against Japan and Stalin thought he could not trust Truman, this was said to have ‘hardened Stalin’s attitude without softening his policies’. The Yalta and Potsdam conferences whilst showing to the world they were all still allies, did not actually solve anything, there were large disagreements about the amount of influence the USSR would be allowed to have over Europe, but specifically the amount of control they would have over Poland. They did not seem to resolve anything, but they did enlarge the tension between the two superpowers. Truman

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