Hypersonic Journey Short Story

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The shrill screech pierced my ears. I hastily leapt to my feet startled by the noise. Steadily, I began accelerating and before I knew it, I was at hypersonic speeds. Incapable of withstanding the immense G-Force, I passed out. It all began on a day like every other; monotonous and customary. I brewed a cup of coffee and ran out of the front door because as always- I was late. In amusing correlation, as I left, there read a billboard, ‘The future started yesterday, and we’re already late’! 20 minutes later, I was at the platform, waiting for my 9:44 to Embarcadero. “...sorry for the inconvenience”, the megaphone blared. My daily train was cancelled! Considering the next train was at 11:00, everyone dispersed- except me. The suffocating traffic was too big a risk and hence there was no other choice but to wait for the next one.…show more content…
Or whatever was left of the station. The usually bustling platform looked incomplete, almost disabled, without its counterpart humans. It was all quite dubious. Then, the doors creaked open. The train was a dinosaur with rust disintegrating its body and grime plastering the windows. Taking my doubts, I wandered in. Zero. There were absolutely zero people in the car. Now, the peculiarity of the situation had heightened. But before I could even think of getting out, the doors slammed shut, and the train motored away. With absolutely nothing to do, I slumped into a seat. I reached into my pocket, and as we began moving, a deafening beep resonated from the undercarriage. It was nothing like I had ever heard. The intolerable noise prompted me to stand up, and as I did we began going even faster! Within a few seconds, we had reached double the speed. Something had gone horribly wrong! Before I knew it, we were too fast to see anything outside. As I held on for dear life, everything slowly blurred

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